Physician Liability Insurance in Anaheim, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, and Ventura, CA

If you are a practicing physician anywhere in the United States, it is practically a necessity that you have some sort of physician liability insurance policy. It doesn’t matter if you are in a solo practice, a small clinic, or a large hospital, physician liability insurance is a very good thing to have. When you consider that upwards of 50% of doctors will be sued at some point in their career, having physician liability insurance in place is paramount.

And don’t think that this sort of coverage is only needed in a hospital setting. If you do any telemedicine work, if you moonlight on occasion at a local needs medical facility in Ventura, or if you do any other work outside of your normal working conditions, you actually may need an additional policy to help cover you.

Physician Liability Insurance in Anaheim, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, and Ventura, CAWhat Should You Consider for Your Coverage?

First, start with your main job or career. It is possible that you are covered under the Los Angeles hospital or clinic as part of their group policy for doctors and other caregivers. You should be sure to have a copy of that policy so that you know what it does and does not cover. Then, you should look at what else you do that could open you up to liability.

For example, you may want to help out at a local Riverside homeless shelter by providing medical services to people who can’t otherwise afford it. This is a very nice gesture, but you should be aware that more than likely your career insurance coverage does not extend to covering this additional activity. Before you start helping people at the shelter, make sure that you have a policy in place to cover you for any issues that arise while working at the Anaheim homeless shelter.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Own Physician Liability Insurance

Like you would with other types of insurance, be sure to shop around and get quotes from multiple companies. Where you practice can sometimes make a difference in policy costs, as can the specialty that you practice in (if you have specialized). The best option is to work with a Bakersfield broker who understands the industry to help guide you in the right direction.

Also, if you have been involved in a lawsuit before, be sure to disclose this. It will not necessarily mean that you can’t be insured, but hiding it when applying for insurance will definitely not reflect well on you, especially when it comes out that you hid it. Talk with your San Diego JHS Insurance Services agent today to learn about all of your options with physician liability insurance.